What Brings You Joy?

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Acceptance is give-and-take. To be understood requires that you also seek to understand. 

What Brings You Joy

Perhaps you like to travel to exotic places. Maybe winning in the stock markets is your thrill. Or playing golf or a video game. Or closing a sale. Or watching a great movie, concert, or event.  Or a roller coaster ride. Or reading a beautiful Bible passage. Or writing a thought-provoking article. Different things bring us joy.

Think about this. Whatever happy experience you’ve just had, the joy comes only at that moment or shortly thereafter.  Then, it's gone. However, you can relive that experience each time you relate it to someone. Do you recall having those good feelings?

It comes from an UNQUENCHABLE THIRST TO BE UNDERSTOOD. Why do you show off your travel pictures? Why do you huddle at the water cooler about last night’s hockey win? Why do you e-mail a joke to your friends on the 'Net? You want to reveal something about yourself. You seek to be understood! 

Now imagine if the person at the receiving end of the conversation ignores you, criticizes you, or discredits you. Would you be happy? The good feelings come from acceptance, from knowing you have been understood, and not just from telling your story. 

But think. Acceptance is give-and-take. To be understood, you must seek to understand. Isn't it any wonder that the happiest people in the world are those who have learned to GET ALONG WITH MANY TYPES of people*. They have managed to accept others despite differences - in skin color, beliefs, stature, etc. - at times even overcoming rejection, anger, and apathy. 

(In contrast, those who can get along with only certain types of people are not as happy. And those who cannot get along with most people? They are in mental institutions!*)

Today, decide to become one of the happiest people in the world. ALWAYS seek first to understand. Accept. Appreciate.

- Ramon Regozo

* As discussed in Brian Tracy's program, The Psychology of Achievement. More at www.briantracy.com 





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Last modified: December 11, 2006