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Opportunities come and introduce themselves to you. You are simply attracting your success.

Watch Yourself Glow

For most things we do, our capabilities average out. We can be a good parent, a lousy driver, a savvy salesman, an amazing trivia buff, a so-so handyman, etc. However, there is at least one thing you can be really, really good at. This is your area of excellence.*

How do you become excellent at something? It is through your passion for it. Yes, passion. It feels so good, you just can't wait to do it. That's how. 

Sadly, many of us do not seek out one's area of excellence. And, for those who did, the time they want to devote towards it tends to be watered down by other activities of the day.

Think. Do you want to feel good each and every day? Then, rearrange your life so that it becomes possible to INCLUDE YOUR AREA OF EXCELLENCE INTO EACH DAY. 

Since high school, my passion has always been in teaching. When classmates gathered someplace, like the cafeteria, you;d likely find me explaining something. I wasn't that smart; my grades weren't that good. But, boy, I could teach. And did I enjoy  the look on faces as if saying "Holy cow, is that how it works? That is so simple!"

It came about naturally that I accepted a teaching position at my university, one of the most rewarding periods in my career. Later on, I moved into the business world. Wherever I worked and in any capacity, the teaching aspect of the job, no matter how trivial, always gave me a boost. That is, I managed to include teaching into my work, even after I left the teaching profession. It's the fuel that brings energy to whatever I do. (You guessed it. I am teaching as I write this article. Just more doses of fuel.)

I realized something years later: your PASSION MAKES YOU GLOW. Your being so good at something becomes your trademark, your fingerprint, part of your character. This glow is like a magnet that attracts certain people. It gets you noticed. It awakens interest. It changes attitude. In time, these people would include you in their own circles, opening up new opportunities not available to you previously. Of course, you can decide what to do with these opportunities. But think. Many people spend time and effort looking for such opportunities. You? You just go about doing this thing you enjoy and opportunities literally COME AND INTRODUCE THEMSELVES to you! Isn't that amazing?

So, what are you passionate about? Is it to solve problems? Is it to grow vegetables? Is it to help people in need, produce a work of art, dress up smartly, or to fix a car? Is it to spread God's word? 

Then find ways to make this passion a daily occurrence. Learn it. Absorb it. Practice it. Earn a living from it. Make it your leisure. Mingle with others who enjoy it. Then watch yourself glow. You are simply ATTRACTING YOUR SUCCESS.

- Ramon Regozo

* - The area of excellence is a concept in Brian Tracy's The Psychology of Achievement. More at 





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Last modified: December 11, 2006