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In life's journey, the future is unknown territory. 

Look for Landmarks

If you were to journey through unknown territory, wouldn't you bring with you a map and a compass? Along the way, wouldn't you look for landmarks that will guide you towards the right direction? Of course you would!

Now, think of life as another journey. In this journey, your 'unknown territory' is the array of situations that raise WHERE-DO-I-GO AND WHAT-DO-I-DO QUESTIONS. Like, how to resolve a conflict with your boss, how to break a bad habit, how to mend a rift within your family, how to outsmart your business competition, how to make ends meet, or which career path to take when you graduate. 

In this  journey, I still suggest you rely on a map, a compass, and landmarks. Your map is your set of goals, values, and long-term plans. Your compass is the habit to continually make an honest assessment of where you are with respect to these goals, values, and plans. And the landmarks? They are principles and truths. Many of these are left by others who had passed this way before, while some are discoveries that you realize yourself.

Unfortunately, WE TEND TO IGNORE MANY OF THESE LANDMARKS, sometimes even when they're staring right at us. Example. Let's say your goal (your map) is to reduce debt and put your personal finances in order. So, you calculate your net worth and cash flow to assess your financial situation (this is your compass). Now you're thinking, "where do I go, what do I do?". Well, think of this principle: "There's no need to be in debt if you spend less than you earn". What a discovery!

So, choose the right map for your journey and always check where you are with respect to your map. But also, pay attention and look for your landmarks, those principles and truths. Acquire as much of these principles as you can, note them down, ask people about them, find out what they are all about. In other words, DO NOT STOP LEARNING.

Just like how you use the North Star to find true north, use these principles and truths to guide you towards where you want to go. From time to time, you may get lost. Certainly, it will be much easier to get back on track when you find and trust your landmarks.

Ramon Regozo

* As discussed in Dr. Stephen Covey's program, Principle-centered Leadership. More at http://getinthehabit.com/





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Last modified: December 11, 2006