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What you achieve for yourself facilitates your doing good things for others that you care for. 

Learn from the Honeybee

Can you really make a difference? Absolutely! You already do, you're just not aware of it!

Think of the honeybee as it collects nectar from flower to flower. What the bee does all day is make honey. As it goes about its business, it cross-pollinates the plants that it comes in contact with, making them grow, multiply, and flourish. This OUTCOME IS FAR GREATER AND MORE IMPORTANT than making honey; the bee achieves it while not conscious of it at all*.

Think about this. When you do a good job at work and it allows your company to be in business, you help other employees support their families. If you're a student and you ask questions in the classroom, it allows the entire class to learn. When you pay property taxes for your own home, you facilitate the education of many young people. You have an impact on many lives, simply by going about DOING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, making a difference without being conscious of it. 

Now, suppose YOU INTEND TO really make an impact. For example, you want to be a good parent, raise your children well, and provide them a more secure future. 

Here's my advice: start by fulfilling YOUR OWN NEEDS! Take care of yourself, maintain good health!  Educate yourself and seek knowledge continually. Love yourself and foster your love relationships so it rubs off on your kids.  Nourish your spirit and listen to your inner voice; this makes you resilient and steadfast. Strive for the best and most long-lasting financial outcome from the least amount of your effort, so you can help finance their future needs.

Get the picture? The more you achieve for yourself, the better person and parent you become and the more capable you are to work towards your children's future. It works for your kids, it works for your partner, your family and friends. It works for the world. 

Learn from the honeybee. But don't make just a little honey, make a barrel! INTENSIFY accomplishing your own goals. Then, the difference you make will be huge.

- Ramon Regozo

* The honeybee paradigm is from The One Minute Millionaire, the best-selling book of Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. More at http://www.oneminutemillionaire.com





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Last modified: December 11, 2006