The Law of Substitution

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Even when you're not thinking about something, you are! That's your subconscious at work.

The Law of Substitution

How many times a day do you get told that certain things are unattainable, not worth it, not acceptable, or you're not good enough for? 

"That's the way it is. There's nothing you can do."

"Only rich (or smart or gutsy) people can do that."

"It never worked; it was a bad experience." 

Since our childhood, we have been continually bombarded with variations of "no", "stop that", "don't", and "you can't". Our conscious mind has been conditioned to accept that we can't do things or that we have no choices. Unfortunately, our subconscious accepts as fact what the conscious mind believes. And, we (subconsciously) act according to this belief.

Think about that again. Anything your conscious mind believes, your subconscious accepts as fact. This is NOT AN OBSTACLE. It's AN ADVANTAGE! You only have to substitute those negative thoughts with positive ones and you can accomplish anything you want. This is the law of substitution*.

How? Practice this consciously:

1. DETERMINE THE OUTCOME. What good feelings will come out of attaining what you want?

2. AFFIRM THAT YOU DESERVE IT. It's a good choice. It's for me. 

3. At every possible opportunity, ACT AS IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED IT. 

Let's try this with losing weight. Step 1 - I'm happy to wake up each morning feeling healthy, perky, and fit. My friends admire my determination to stay fit. Step 2 -  This is for me. It's my year! Everyone supports me. Step 3 - I already lost 15 lbs. That cake looks good but, because, I am health-conscious, I know I can skip that. In fact, I ignore desserts places on my walk to work.

Try this with anything you want to achieve. And then observe. You, your mind and body, will subconsciously work towards attaining it. Ideas will come. Key persons and important events will cross your path or become attracted to you, or you to them. Your "mental radar" will adjust to seek them or notice them. Your responses and actions will be congruent with theirs.

These are not accidents. It is your SUBCONSCIOUS AT WORK. Even when you are not thinking about it, you really are thinking about it. You are generating ideas, forming plans, developing solutions, deciding, acting, and establishing connections consistent with what you chose to achieve. Even while asleep.

Not yet convinced? Let these experts tell you:

Robert Allen: "Don't just think of your goals. Think from your goals."

Napoleon Hill: "There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge."

Brian Tracy: "You're not just what you think you are. What you think, you are!"

What have you told yourself lately that you cannot do? That you can't find a better job? That you can't fix that hole in the wall? That you cannot be organized? That you can't be wealthy? That you can't stop smoking? Think again. 

CHOOSE THE OUTCOME. You deserve it. Just believe it!

Ramon Regozo

* Based on the teachings of Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement. More at





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Last modified: December 11, 2006