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The choices that put us in charge of our life are placed right in front of us every day.

I Choose Daily

Robert Kiyosaki*, who built his billion-dollar oil and real estate business from nothing, tells us that our own financial genius lies in each one us, just waiting to be tapped. One of the ways to bring it out is through  the power of choice. He said,

"I choose daily . . . Some people choose to be poor or middle-class. I choose to be rich."

How often and in what situations do you use the POWER OF CHOICE?  

If you had a bad experience at work today, do you choose to be miserable or do you look for the lessons to learn from it? If your teen-ager disobeys you, do you succumb to your anger or do you seek to understand why? If  you have a wish, do you devise a plan to achieve it or just declare it unattainable? Kiyosaki wanted to be rich, so he chose to be rich.

As children, we were sensitized to move from discomfort to comfort. Making a choice - especially one with a significant impact on our life - creates discomfort. And so, many of us choose not to choose and allow the situation to control us.

We do not realize it but the choices that put us in charge of our life are right in front of us everyday. God gave us free will to select from these and to act on them. So, HAVE THE MENTAL FORTITUDE TO MAKE YOUR CHOICE and then DECLARE YOUR RESOLVE to shape your own future. 

- Ramon Regozo

*Robert Kiyosaki is the acclaimed author of the best-selling book,  Rich Dad, Poor Dad. More at www.richdad.com





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Last modified: December 11, 2006