The Game of Baseball

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When batting in the game of life, only you can call yourself out.

The Game of Baseball

Do you know how a baseball player prepares for the game? He watches videos of the opposing pitchers, talks to coaches about the other team, consults his fellow batters, builds up his strength with the help of a trainer, inspects his bats, and goes to intense batting practice. At the plate, he conditions himself mentally, studies the pitcher's body language, looks for holes in the opposing team's defense, observes where the wind is blowing, waits for signals from the coach, and prepares to swing.

In other words, the batter gathers information, formulates a plan, and gears up his skills and resources towards that plan. If he misses the ball with his swing, he adjusts his stance, timing, bat speed, etc. so that the NEXT SWING WORKS IN HIS FAVOR.

Let's learn from this. We know that things change. If they are going to change anyway, why not take steps so that its direction is in your favor? For example, perhaps your job is taking you nowhere. Begin by talking to "other batters" or build up your "strength". Maybe your industry's "wind direction" has changed and you need to practice swinging from the other side of the plate. Get the picture? If you are unhappy with your situation, WHAT STEP WILL YOU TAKE so that your next swing is better?

One last thing. In the game of baseball, after three strikes in an at-bat, the umpire calls you out. But, in the game of life, you are your own umpire and ONLY YOU CAN CALL YOURSELF OUT. Swing the bat as many times as you like. Swing it fast enough and hard enough and you will eventually hit that home run.

What is stopping you from taking that swing? Are you afraid to miss the ball? Remember, you can take as many swings as you want and you can improve on the next swing by planning, training, and adjusting. Are you afraid your friends will mock you if you miss the ball? Remember, only you can call yourself out, not them. You don't even have to invite them to the ball game!

So, pick up that bat, aim beyond those fences, and swing away!

- Ramon Regozo

* Based on the teachings of Brian Tracy in his program, The Psychology of Achievement. More at 




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Last modified: December 11, 2006