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A character that is decisive, focused, and relentless makes you virtually unstoppable.

Character First

Do you find it difficult to start a new habit or perhaps do away with an old one? We may accept good and sensible self-improvement ideas. Why do we tend to falter in practice?

I have learned that it has a lot to do with attitude. No idea would manifest into effective action unless your attitude is congruent with it. Examples:

Got some tips from the web how to be a good conversationalist at gatherings? Not that easy. They only work if you are sincerely interested in people. 

Parenting books teach you how to build your child's self-esteem. How do you plan to do this if you don't feel good about your own accomplishments?

You want to stay fit? Would you really act on it unless you feel that health and well-being are extremely important to you?

You may have learned the techniques, but how do you acquire the attitude? Dr. Stephen Covey* suggests you work first on your CHARACTER. Practice these habits consistently:

BE PROACTIVE. Accept full responsibility for whatever decisions you make. 

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. Decide what is important to you, i.e., define your values, your mission, your goals.

DO FIRST THINGS FIRST. Ensure that what is important is never sacrificed for something of less importance.

Doing this consistently would make you decisive, focused, and relentless. You would have developed a character capable of achieving anything you choose to accomplish. You would be UNSTOPPABLE.

- Ramon Regozo

*This write-up is derived from the teachings of Dr. Stephen Covey on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleMore at




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Last modified: December 11, 2006