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The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. They become habits only through practice.

The Big Leap

There is a dreamer in each of us. But many of us do nothing to crystallize that dream. We can't seem to make the BIG LEAP FROM DREAMING TO DOING. We fear that it could all be a 'big mistake'. You've been through those. They hurt. It means lost money, lost time, ridicule, rejection, criticism. "No, thanks, those dreams are unattainable and just a waste of time", you say.

Set that aside for now and take a fresh dose of wisdom from Jim Rohn*. Jim's definition of "failure" is interesting. "Failure is A FEW SMALL ERRORS IN JUDGMENT REPEATED EVERYDAY".

How ironic. While you're busy avoiding those big mistakes, you allow hundreds of little mistakes to creep in. Examples? How many bags of potato chips have you munched in your lifetime? Each time, you think it's just one bag; it's harmless! How many times have you ignored your kids as you were coming home from work? You may be thinking they're used to it and it's no big deal. They know you're tired and stressed out, right?

So, will it if be a shock to you that your risk of a heart attack is now high because of your cholesterol level? Or would you be surprised to learn your teenager is in trouble; you did not have a clue, because the two of you don't talk openly? Any idea how that happened? It's the Law of Accumulation - OVER TIME, MANY LITTLE THINGS SIMPLY ADD UP. Repeated errors, which you had thought to be harmless, could turn to disaster. If there's a problem today, how big a leap are you willing to take?

Here's the good news. Jim Rohn's definition of "success" is even more interesting. "Success is A FEW SIMPLE PRACTICES REPEATED EVERYDAY". 

Yes, you can make the Law of Accumulation work in your favor. You do not need to take a big leap; rather take baby steps in the right direction. Pack the fridge with fruits, leaving no room for junk food. Looking for a way to relieve stress? Play with your kids, even for just minutes a day. 

Do you notice how these are easy to do? Well, they are also EASY NOT TO DO. Make them a habit. Practice making these little deposits; they will grow into large sums in the future.

Where are you with things today? How's your health, your profession, your relationships, your bank account, your inner peace and spirituality? Are you happy where you are? What would you like to change? Remember, changing things is just  a matter of replacing a few errors in judgment with a few simple practices. That is the real "big leap" that turns dreamers to doers.

- Ramon Regozo

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Last modified: December 11, 2006