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Thinking Moment

Our past is what equips us to make a better future.

The Power of a Moment

A few days ago, I celebrated my 50th birthday. It so happened that my schedule required me to take a long flight without company that day. The night before, my son gave me one of his favorite books as a gift, something to read while on the plane. 

"The Alchemist" tells of a shepherd boy's quest to reach the pyramids in search of treasure. In one scene, the boy was part of a caravan crossing the desert towards Egypt. He asked the lead camel driver how he could stay calm amidst their perils (Others in the caravan worried about the desert's dangerous conditions and threats of a tribal war.) The driver's response struck me:

"Because I don't live in my past or in my future. I'm interested in only the present ... LIFE IS THE MOMENT WE'RE LIVING RIGHT NOW." What a coincidence to read these on the day I turn 50.

Think. Past, present, future all change by the moment. When the current moment is gone, it has been added to your past and your present is now different from a moment ago. What about your future? Well, you just depleted it by one moment. 

I believe that God handed each of us incredible power. We have the POWER TO CREATE OUR FUTURE. Each moment is our chance to do that. What a waste to lose that chance. (Time is more valuable than money*. If you lose money, you can get it back. Not lost time.) But remember, our past is what equips us to make a better future.

You'd say "Wait a second, I can't do this all by myself!" Very true. You need your friends and contacts and their contacts. You need ideas and plans. You need tools. You need an environment, i.e., nature, the markets, the buying public, your government, the world. You need good health to stay around long enough to savor the fruits of your labor and make all of these worthwhile.

You also need God, who has a unique role. God ensures that ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED ARE WITHIN REACH*. These were mostly spoon-fed to you when you were a little child. But, once you've grown, you had to decide for yourself what things to regard as important, what to acquire, and what to ignore. 

So, figure out what you might be missing. Then, do your reading, your research, your asking, your brainstorming, your sketching, your driving around, your surfing the web. Make all these available resources work for you. And, don't forget, do your praying, too.

When do you do these? You can begin this very moment.

- Ramon Regozo

* Jim Rohn, The Art of Exceptional Living. More at  

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Last modified: December 11, 2006