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You raise your own self-esteem when you raise that of another person.  

Make Them Feel Important

Self-esteem is the degree by which a person feels worthy of approval. We feel good when our self-esteem is high and feel bad when it is low. 

Did you know that WHEN YOU RAISE ANOTHER PERSON'S SELF-ESTEEM, YOU INVARIABLY RAISE YOUR OWN by exactly the same degree? Conversely, those who destroy others' self-esteem indirectly destroy their own.

How do you raise others' self-esteem? Make them feel important - and avoid making them feel unimportant - by your ACCEPTANCE, APPROVAL, and APPRECIATION.

ACCEPTANCE is showing sincere respect. Smiling to greet someone is a great way to show acceptance. When we accept other people's differences from us - in belief, in physicality, in upbringing, in orientation, even in age (like our teen-age kids) - it is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

APPROVAL is expressing agreement with one's action or opinion. But, of course, sometimes you may have a differing view. If you must dissent, TOTALLY AVOID DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Try this technique: express your view through an imaginary person. ("How would you explain your stance if someone points out to you that..." ). That is, look for ways to make the person recognize the merits of another view without declaring them wrong.

APPRECIATION is saying thanks and praising one's deeds, talents, or accomplishments. Praise is truly meaningful, particularly in business settings, when specified for a trait, action, or decision.  It's even better if you clearly acknowledge the results. ("I like the picture you chose for your office. It brightens up the room.")

Do you want a truly superior relationship with your spouse, kids, friends, employees, customers, suppliers, your boss, etc? MAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT and, without a doubt, you will enrich your own life 

                 -  Ramon Regozo

* This article is editorialized from the teachings of Brian Tracy in The Psychology of Achievement programme. More at



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Last modified: December 11, 2006