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The Leader decides where to go. The Manager devises the means to get there. 


Begin With The End in Mind

In his classic best-selling book, "Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People", Steven Covey teaches us to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. In short, be conscious of the goal before you spend time on an activity.

This habit is about 'leadership' as opposed to 'management'. The leader decides WHERE TO GO. The manager devises and implements THE MEANS TO GET THERE. Both are important but many of us tend to just manage - not only our work but also our lives - without first checking whether we are shooting towards the right target. ("Ready, fire, aim!")

So, before this week ends, why don't you quickly review where you are headed? WRITE DOWN the end-result you envision (i.e., WHAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE BY WHEN AND WHAT YOU PLAN TO INVEST TOWARDS THAT GOAL). Review your goals for your family life, your work, your career or business, your health, and your personal satisfaction. BEGIN AND END EACH DAY SAYING THESE GOALS TO YOURSELF and you will be surprised how much easier to achieve them.

- Ramon Regozo

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Last modified: December 11, 2006