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"The Power of A Moment", reflects on teachings of Jim Rohn - Click Thinking Moment.

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The strategic approach is the discipline to consider the long-term and aggregate results in the course of making a decision.


I am Ramon Regozo, President and Principal Consultant of StratiSolv Consulting Ltd.  

You can call me "a solution provider".  My entire career can be described as helping people, groups, and companies solve tough business and technology problem situations. And I enjoy it. PERHAPS YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WE CAN HELP YOU SOLVE. Please call or e-mail us.

THANK YOU FOR VISITING our web site. We hope you found the information you are looking for. Before you leave the site, I invite you to VISIT OUR THINKING MOMENT PAGE  (click here). Something in there just might be useful to you.

Thanks again!


Personal Excellence

Leadership, Goal-orientation, and Achievement Motivation - mobilizing a team of people to define, pursue, and attain a common and worthwhile goal.

Creative Problem Solving - systematic analysis and focused idea generation.

Effective Communications - conceptualization, writing, and presentation with relevance, clarity, and impact.

Selected Business Achievements

A solution provider for 24 years, 14 in project management.

  • Markets and Real Estate Investor - Specializing in Stocks, Stock Options, and Real Estate investment strategies for personal financial management needs.

  • Crescent Logic Inc. - Chief Technology Officer, Director of Development, as well as Consultant.

  • Toronto Stock Exchange and Market Regulation Services- Senior Project Manager and served as Consultant in a variety of projects.

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corp. - Project Manager.


De La Salle University - B Sc. Industrial Management Engineering

University of the Philippines - completed all course requirements for M. Eng. Industrial Engineering, thesis pending.



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